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Surrogate Mother Referral helps Surrogate mothers, Egg Donors and Sperm Donors in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa connect with Intending Parents, Fertility Clinics, and Surrogacy specialists.

Surrogate Mothers, Sperm Donors, and Egg Donors give the gift of life in immense ways. If you wish to become one and offer great assistance to a couple that needs one, join our community and connect with Intended Parents Fertility Clinics, and Surrogacy specialists.

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Vivian Dike

Serrogate Mother

I was very happy with the intending couple this site recommended! I feel so special, I am able to help them as well as being able to put myself through college.


As a surrogate, you will be greatly rewarded! Both financially and the emotional reward that comes with knowing you have helped put a smile on a couple’s face!

How does it work?


Submit an application

The first step is to complete the preliminary applicantion.


complete your screening process

If approved,, you will be requitred complete your screening process.


Connect with parents

If the screening result is good, we will connect you with intending parents.


prepare for an embryo transfer

Receive monitoring and care from a fertility specialist.

Our Referrals are Happy

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Surrogate Mother Referral team is the best! I am glad that my generosity as an egg donor meant the world to someone who wants to start a family.

Mirabel Aguta - Egg Donor

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I am happy with the clinic Surrogate Mother Referral referred me to. The medical team was great, and the compensation was worth it.

Gideon Jacobs - Sperm Donor

Female Profile

I am married with 2 kids of my own. Thanks to great job done by Surrogate Mother Referral team me and my husband were able to solve few financial needs with the money.

Edith Effiong - Surrogate Mother

we’re here to all your questions

The journey of becoming a Surrogate Mother, an Egg Donor, or a Sperm Donor is a decision you must be sure of before committing to it. We hope the Frequently Asked Questions will help you make this decision.  

Surrogates make 1.5 to 2 Million Naira!

You can also negotiate Accommodation Allowance, Feeding Allowance, and Maternity Clothing Allowance with the representative of the intending parents. 

Learn how to become a surrogate mother and change lives!

Compensation ranges from 80 – to 100 thousand Naira.

According to international law, you’re not allowed to sell your eggs because they’re bodily tissues, but you can be compensated for your time since you might lose out on other forms of income while donating. Often, you’ll have to take time off work or studying and your personal life to become an egg donor.

If you donate semen to a sperm bank, you’ll likely be paid for each donation that passes the sperm bank’s screening process. Payment is intended to compensate you for your time and any related expenses. The amount is typically low so money isn’t the main incentive for donating sperm.

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