Surrogate Mother Referral

About Us

About Us

Surrogate Mother Referral helps Surrogate mothers, Egg Donors and Sperm Donors in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa connect with Intending Parents, Fertility Clinics, and Surrogacy specialists.

Surrogate Mothers, Sperm Donors, and Egg Donors give the gift of life in immense ways. If you wish to become one and offer great assistance to a couple that needs one, join our community and connect with Intended Parents Fertility Clinics, and Surrogacy specialists.

Our experienced surrogacy experts have been connecting intended parents from all around Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa with generous surrogates. These connections have resulted in the birth of babies as well as beautiful friendships between many of our intended parents and surrogates.

We understand that selecting an agency can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. Surrogate Mother Referral provides an in-depth free consultation where you can gather the needed information on agency services and hear from our experts what’s to expect from your selected agency and how to compare properly.