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Become a Surrogate

When you become a surrogate, you begin a life-changing journey. Not only does being a surrogate give you an incredible chance to bring love into someone’s life, but it also allows you to earn compensation for carrying a pregnancy for parents who cannot. No gift is more beautiful than carrying and nurturing someone’s much-wanted baby until they can finally carry their own child in their arms.

If you want to become a surrogate, we invite you to explore the benefits of working with Our Nigeria base surrogate referer is always looking for women with big hearts, who want to learn how to become a surrogate and help others have one of life’s most rewarding experiences: Loving and raising a child.

Do I qualify to be a surrogate?

Our surrogacy agency puts your health and safety first. This is why we have some basic requirements for every woman who is interested in how to become a surrogate.

If you are interested in being a surrogate and want to know if you are eligible for our program, the first thing to do is verify that you meet these criteria:

Surrogate Mother Basic requirements:

The benefits of being a surrogate provide many benefits for our surrogates.

Application process

To simplify the process to become a surrogate, we organize the journey into four general steps.

  • Apply and get connected to intending parents who need a surrogate.
  • Obtain medical clearance from a fertility doctor and take medications to prepare for an embryo transfer.

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